User Interface is key to have great User Experience. We deliver exceptional user interfaces for all web, mobile and desktop software projects developed by us. Design Center is involved in documenting and implementing UI layout for each Software Application developed by us.
Design Center has solo role in Animation and VFX projects.


Business Units have been formed to speciaize in functional Knowledge related to domain.
The current Special units are for, Education, Government and Media sector. The general unit has subject Matter Expert from many domains.


We can produly claim to have worked hard to harness the best of technical tilant.To further develop and grow people in particular skills intemind is having four groups presently.
These groups are java, .NET,Web and Database group.These groups are java,NET,Web and database group. These groups are composed of highly skilled people having access to intemind knowledge library.


Intemind follows Agile methodology in its development process. This ensures that Client is able to review and give feedback after completion of every module. This also ensures that proper testing mechanism is in place after every phase of development.
Design Center adheres to International UI standards to provide amazing UIs for software's being developed.