We truly believe that people are driving force behind growth of our organization. Employees are owners in our organization and they participate in all important decisions of the company.
One of our core values is respect for individual. So our employees are respected and are expected to respect their fellow employees.
We have facility of flexible working hours and there is no dress code.

Our Hiring Process

We are committed to Innovation and Technical excellence. So we look forward to hire technical people who are creative and also experts in their domain.
Our sales consultants have deep IT background to understand our client requirements. Our sales consultants are hired through a rigorous process involving both technical and business rounds.
Intemind is an equal opportunity employer and does not differentiate on basis of nationality, race, religion or gender.
We are always in need of creative people. If you are interested to work with us then please mail us at

Career Path

Intemind provides access to learning tools and resources tailored to individual needs, so that our people grow and develop continuously while delivering value to our clients, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.
Our organization is very flat and expertise is the only requirement to grow up the ladder. As a fast expanding firm Intemind offers exciting opportunities to its employees.

Corporate Citizenship

We as an organization believe in balancing the need of people, planet and profit. We are among 1st few IT organizations in India who have decided to come up with annual sustainability report documenting our carbon footprints and strategies to reduce green house gas emission from our side.
As part of our CSR initiatives we aim to support education of poor people. Our employee's personal endeavors to teach kids in poor localities are counted for extra bonuses according to our company policy. .