Why Outsource Software/Web Development work to Intemind ?

I ntemind is committed to Design Excellence, Zero Defect and Innovation. We are the favorite outsourcing firm for many small and medium enterprises from around the globe. They trust on us because of the following reasons:.

UI Design Principles in short:

1.Extensive Software Development Expertise.
(i) Intemind is led by Management consisting of Microsoft and Accenture Alumni's.
(ii) Special focus on UI Design Excellence and Zero Defect as cornerstone of our existence.
(iii) Business domain experts work in tandem with Technology people to deliver on requirements.
(iv) The most rigorous testing processes are in place as part of our Zero Defect policy.

2. Affordable Premium Services.
(i) We do not claim to provide our services at the most cheapest rates.
(ii) We claim to provide the most premium services at the most affordable rates.
(iii) We deliver on our Design Excellence and Zero Defect Policy. This gives you the highest ROI possible.

3.Customer Support.
(i) We follow Agile methodology of Software Development. This means Clients are involved after every phase of Development.
(ii) Clients have opportunity to change their requirements even during the development process as it is carried out in phases.
(iii) Our 24x7 Global helpdesk is always open for queries. Clients in USA and Australia can call us on their local numbers. Other countries clients can call us on our India center number as of now.
(iv) We respect our customers according to our core value of 'respect for everyone'.

Write to us today at sales@intemind.com