Intemind Software is the favorite outsourcing firm for many small and medium enterprises globally. This is due to our focus on design excellence, zero defect and customer centricity. Few cases have been discussed to depict our expertise.

Example of Failure: Google+ Complex UI

There can be much written about Google+ exclusive invitation strategy at start. There could not have been a more ridiculous strategy. It was as if a pub or a bar was setting condition that only few of your friends can come in while others have to wait outside.
Google+ was both a strategy and a design failure. In Consumer Internet a single application cannot be named which has succeeded and it required training s/ hints. Google+ UI could not be understood without hints available on their UI. .

Bangalore Education Society, India
All record keeping works were being done using papers or computers in silos. Compiling and gaining access to information was a big issue. The management was running 3 schools in different locations and could not keep an eye on performance of students at different levels and in different schools separately. Parents and students could not get updated in real time. In the age of e-learning there was no online platform for sharing of content or having discussion among students and teachers.

OUR APPROACH – Integrated School Management System

• We designed a common single database for all modules and to maintain data consistency.
• All existing records were digitized and fetched into the database. The master table was pivoted around admission table as it was containing primary details of the students.
• Attendance module could be updated on the same day without approval from higher management by a dedicated data entry person. This ERP module can be directly updated by teachers in future when a dedicated system is provided in each classroom.
• Analytics module was developed which gives info graphics reports for management, parents and students.
• Auto mails from system to management, teachers, parents and students on half-monthly basis.
• Discussion forum for secure content sharing and doubt clearance among teachers and students was created. • Online test module was provided to enable objective tests without the need for manual correction.

The management is able to keep tab on performance of students at various levels and in different schools using Analytical reports being generated by the system. Students and parents are able to view attendance and regular test marks in real time and not only at the end of the semester. Online content sharing and video learning is enabled for children's to learn in creative ways.